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what是指他长得什么样指的是身高?体重这些 how是指他长得怎么样好看不好看这些

What is somebody like? 和 What does somebody look like?的区别还是蛮大的。What is somebody like 讲的是这个人咋样?虽然问的比较模糊,但是可以涵盖任何方面。比如说这个人的为人如何?处事如何?做事风格如何?问的是这个人本身的质的特...

第一句是问外貌 第二句是问性格,如 What does your friend look like ? He is tall and thin. What is your friend like ? He is kind and friendly . ************************************************************************* 祝天天开心...

What does shark look like? 的意思是“鲨鱼长的是什么样子”,你可以选择下面的外貌特征去回答。 A shark is large and voracious and has astreamlined, torpedo like body, five to seven gill openings on each side of the head, a large oil...

您好 be like 问性格 look like 问外貌 be like 范围更大一些,有时候既问性格也问外貌 What's your sister like?你姐姐怎么样?/你姐姐是怎样一个人? She is kind.她很善良。 She is a beautiful kind girl with long hair and two big eyes....

What be sb like 可以询问人的外貌,更多的是询问某人的成就,品质,性格等内在的东西 What is her mother like? She is a very kind woman. What do sb look like则仅限于询问外貌 What does she look like. She is a girl with long hair

What does she look like?她看起来像什么? 侧重实体 How does she look like?她看起来怎么样? 侧重状态

用于陈述句中,意思是“像……一样”,如:The house is like a palace . The little girl is like a angel in her new dress . 在疑问句中,What is ...like 是用来询问特征的,回答时要描述特征、特点等.如: What is the weather like today It is fi...

第一句 是错的 What are you like?=What do you look like? 不过前者容易产生歧义,因为英语初学者习惯用BE ,所以建议LZ 用后面的句子

What is he like,问性格,--He is kind and easygoing, 善良随和 What does he like, 问喜好-- He likes sports what does he look like, 问外貌,--- He is tall and thin. 又高又瘦。

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