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如:对Tom 作主语提问 What is Tom like ? How does Tom look like ? 祝学习进步,天天快乐!满意请采纳!谢谢!:)

What does she look like?她看起来像什么? 侧重实体 How does she look like?她看起来怎么样? 侧重状态

我觉得第一句是你看起来像什么?第二句是你看起来怎么样?(担心,焦虑,之类的) 就是what和how的区别

用于陈述句中,意思是“像……一样”,如:The house is like a palace . The little girl is like a angel in her new dress . 在疑问句中,What is ...like 是用来询问特征的,回答时要描述特征、特点等.如: What is the weather like today It is fi...

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . what do you look like 问的是外表,外貌 what are you like 问的是性格,品行

您好 be like 问性格 look like 问外貌 be like 范围更大一些,有时候既问性格也问外貌 What's your sister like?你姐姐怎么样?/你姐姐是怎样一个人? She is kind.她很善良。 She is a beautiful kind girl with long hair and two big eyes....

What is sb.like 与What does sb.look like的区别是什么?询问人的外貌。 询问人的外貌用 What does sb. look like比较好。 What is sb. like也可以询问外貌,不过多用于问人喜欢什么东西。

What is he like,问性格,--He is kind and easygoing,善良随和What does he like,问喜好-- He likes sportswhat does he look like,问外貌,--- He is tall and thin.又高又瘦.

what does she look like? 她看起来像什么? 尤其是指外貌看起来像什么。。。 what is she like? 她像什么样的? 指的是性格,温柔,漂亮,凶悍等等。 how is she? 她怎么样? 询问她最近的状况,可以指健康,工作,学习等。 what is she look l...

What do/does sb/sth look like? 精3333锐

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